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Fall 2017 Classes

Public Speaking

Public Speaking: Persuasive (Sep - Dec)

Articulate arguments clearly and cohesively! Continuous practice of loudness, body language, and eye contact helps to persuade an audience.  Small class sizes and detailed feedback from professional coaches promotes academic growth.  We record the final speeches to show your child’s progress. Max of 12 students. 

Public Speaking: Impromptu (Jan - Mar)

What is crucial to success in school and personal life? Good communication! Impromptu Speech teaches skills critical to speaking on the spot. Students learn to manage anxiety, present themselves with confidence, organize concepts quickly, and speak effectively. With small classes of 12 students and weekly practice, students gain confidence and receive detailed feedback from professional coaches! 

Public Speaking: Expository (Mar - May)

What is crucial to success in school and beyond? Good communication! Expository drills the essentials of clear, effective communication. Students create a speech on a topic of their choice and learn to manage nervousness, develop research/organizational skills, and communicate effectively. Most importantly, students gain confidence. Detailed feedback. Professional coaches! Final speeches will be recorded.

Public Speaking: Creative Interpretation (Jun - Aug)

What is crucial to success? Good communication! Creative Interpretation explores literature and characters through speech. Students improve analytical/organizational skills while learning how to speak effectively, use nonverbal communication, and overcome public speaking anxiety. Course features a fun, confidence-building curriculum. Detailed feedback, professional coaches!


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Summer 2017 Class Schedule (Cupertino)

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