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Communication Academy offers many courses that will build a child’s verbal and written communication skills. Our course offerings throughout the year are divided into quarters. Each quarter, students practice their existing skills while developing a course-specific writing or speaking proficiency. Math Olympiad enrichment teaches students the wonderful language of mathematics through fun and abstract problems and games; students learn to apply knowledge instead of giving memorized facts and formulas.


Students can begin Communication Academy courses any quarter, there are no prerequisites. However, call our office and speak with the Education Coordinator if you have specific questions regarding the best placement for your child.

Check out our easy-to-read yearly course map. Watch for our periodic early enrollment specials. Make sure you’re on our mailing list, or you may miss out!

  Course Series Sep-Oct   Nov-Dec   Jan-Mar   Apr-June    June-Aug
Pre-Public Speaking (5-8Y)  Confident   Speech    Confident     Presentation    Confident          Voice     Confident Communication   Confident      Self
Persuasive       School            Project   Impromptu


  Creative       Interp.
Debate/Critical Thinking (9-14Y)    Public         Forum Congressional      Debate  Parliamentary       Policy     Team        Debate
 Expository    Test Prep    Narrative   Persuasive  Journalism
Math Olympiad & Enrichment (6-13Y)  Olympiad       I   Olympiad II     Olympiad          III   Olympiad IV  Olympiad           V
AMC 8 (American Math Contest 8) (11-14Y)   AMC 8 I     AMC 8 II    AMC 8 III     AMC 8 IV    AMC 8             V
*Competitive Speech & Debate being offered starting Fall 2015
*Professional Public Speaking classes/workshops are available upon request & need