Amanda Xiao

Student Spotlight

Amanda Xiao

We love to hear when a student has benefitted from our classes. In this case,

Amanda Xiao (10 years old), participated in our Summer Speech Tournament.

She received speech coaching from Ms. Gina Giovannetti and felt very

thankful for the experience.

Amanda came by the office for a short interview with our Education Coordinator, Mr. Darrell Dela Cruz.


DD: How was your experience in Competitive Speech?

AX: I liked my experience in Competitive Speech because I had lots of fun and I got to learn more about public speaking. It helped me win my student council election!

DD: How did it help you win?

AX: It helped me because it made me a more confident speaker.


DD: What do you do for student council?

AX: We switch jobs all around. Currently, I’m a Flag Captain.


DD: What are some things you like about public speaking?

AX: I liked making new friends, getting help from teachers, and that I get to practice my speech and get feedback.


DD: What advice would you give to someone about public speaking?

AX: Don’t be afraid. Just try your best and have fun.