Cupertino Winter 2018 Classes

Cupertino Winter 2018 Classes Available Starting January

Get a running start in 2018 with our after school enrichment classes in Cupertino. Different topics and curriculum in all subjects promote well-rounded students. Our public speaking class’s topic is impromptu, which focuses on speaking and presenting with little to no preparation time. It’s great for improving interpersonal communication as well being spontaneous. Check out our course descriptions to learn more.

Different Topics:

(Only applicable to Communication Academy in Cupertino)
Sign up by Dec. 9 to receive $15 OFF a class. Returning students receive $20 OFF for a combined discount of $35 OFF. Call 408-777-8876 to claim this discount.

Not sure if you want to join? Attend our FREE Open House on Dec. 16. Registration is required.