Why Kids Need Public Speaking

Why Kids Need Public Speaking

With a world full of technology, children are becoming accustomed to computer screens, tablets, cellphones, and television screens feeding them information on a daily basis. Gone are the days of paper and pencil tests, creatively assembled poster board presentations, and solving math problems on classroom chalkboards. Chromebooks have taken over the classroom and most social interaction is limited to a student and their laptop. It really makes you wonder, is there something missing in my child’s education or is electronic communication the ideal future?

Educators agree that there has been a shift away from public speaking in the classroom toward electronic communication, and there is simply not enough time to cover both necessary topics. However, they also agree that public speaking is essential to a well-rounded student and more importantly a successful adult. According to Jordan Catapano, a high school English teacher and School Board member, public speaking “combines thoughtful writing with talented social interaction,” making it a practical real-life skill to master.

Learning should be an interactive journey between teacher, students, peers, and parents, but when you really think about it, learning has become so isolated. The private nature of homework, classwork, and exams eliminates any human connection and alienates simple communication skills such as eye contact, tone, inflection, and appropriate body language. Public Speaking gives students the opportunity to build social connections and overcome social anxiety which are essential skills in any future career and are expected of incoming freshman at the collegiate level.

School is meant to provide students with practice scenarios that will enable them to succeed in their adult lives. It would be a shame for their first speech to be as an adult when it may really count. Take the time to introduce this skill to your child whether it be through after school enrichment classes or summer camps so that they will be prepared for their future.

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