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Pre, Mid, and Final Assessments
Communication Academy uses assessments in each of the courses we offer. Assessments are our way of communicating student progress to parents and students.  These assessments should not be looked upon as grades; the assessment should be viewed as constructive feedback to help your child improve.  Assessments are given three times during a course.  

First Page of the Assessment: The Rubric Section
The rubric part of the assessment allows students and parents see the skills that the instructor is looking at, and the level to which the student is performing.

Second Page of the Assessment: The Comments Section
The comments section of the assessment is where the instructor gives specific details about a student’s progress.


Pre-Public Speaking Assessment Sample Debate/Critical Thinking Assessment Sample Academic Writing Assessment Sample
This student would not speak with a stranger before taking this class. His scores, though low, reflect his individual progress. He was able to give a final presentation in front of the class. Progress is recognized based on the individual student. This Final Assessment represents the student's hard work and achievements in his class. Winter 2012 was his second quarter in Debate classes. The instructor gave very detailed feedback about the student's Debate style. This sample is from a Narrative Writing camp. This assessment is an example of the type of feedback a parent can expect to receive. The instructor gave comments about the areas the student is excelling in and areas she needs to improve.