Early Bird

  • Save between $10-40 depending on the quarter! Check back for most updated flyers.
  • Early Bird Discount dates & Amount Varies by Quarter

Refer-a-Friend Discount

1) Give someone who hasn’t signed up for our online classes before this code: iwasreferred8421
2) That code gives them a $10 discount when they sign up through our website
3) They tell us the name and email of the person who referred them – and we give you a $10 credit too!

That’s it!

Now it’s easy for you to give your friends a discount – and they get to reward you too!

Scholarships (Communication Academy Cupertino Location Only)

 There are two forms of scholarships:

1) We do a 10% off tuition  scholarship based on California poverty levels.  Please see the first two columns of the link below

California Poverty Levels

 We do 1 or 2 scholarships based on need and time.  To verify, we would need at least a week with a form proving income level.

2) We also had writing competitions / public speaking competitions for scholarships which is also 10% off tuition if the student is chosen.

Please check our website for upcoming competitions