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  • Why Kids Need Public Speaking

    Why Kids Need Public Speaking

    With a world full of technology, children are becoming accustomed to computer screens, tablets, cellphones, and television screens feeding them information on a daily basis. Gone are the days of paper and pencil tests, creatively assembled poster board presentations, and solving math problems on classroom chalkboards. Chromebooks have taken over the classroom and most social…

  • Cupertino Winter 2018 Classes Available Starting January

    Cupertino Winter 2018 Classes Available Starting January

    Get a running start in 2018 with our after school enrichment classes in Cupertino. Different topics and curriculum in all subjects promote well-rounded students. Our public speaking class’s topic is impromptu, which focuses on speaking and presenting with little to no preparation time. It’s great for improving interpersonal communication as well being spontaneous. Check out our course descriptions to…

  • Student Spotlight

    Student Spotlight

    Amanda Xiao We love to hear when a student has benefitted from our classes. In this case, Amanda Xiao (10 years old), participated in our Summer Speech Tournament. She received speech coaching from Ms. Gina Giovannetti and felt very thankful for the experience. Amanda came by the office for a short interview with our Education Coordinator, Mr. Darrell Dela Cruz.  …