Improve problem-solving and critical thinking in our math classes and camps! For ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-14. Classes and camps are hosted in Cupertino, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Fremont, Milpitas, Dublin, San Mateo, Foster City, and Burlingame. Max of 12 students per class or camp.

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Math Olympiad Classes (Ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10)

math olympiad

Develop a love of math and boost math grades! Math Olympiad allows students to shine while tackling challenging problems from previous competitions. We’ve designed our ongoing series of classes to improve math intuition, develop reasoning skills, and master strategies in creative problem solving.

Topics are age-appropriate, and students are introduced to new principles and topics each quarter. Courses can be taken in any order. Small classes of 12 students allow for ample individual feedback from expert instructors! The Math Olympiad Contest is not included with the class or camp.

Junior Math Olympiad (7-8)

Math Olympiad stimulates a student’s love for mathematics while introducing and sharpening analytical skills. Students learn and strengthen problem solving strategies through practice solving complex and challenging word problems. Strategies learned help students become flexible and creative when solving mathematical problems. As students work through problems and become more intuitive they begin to foster a joy and a thrill for successfully meeting the challenges that word problems provide. Developing these critical problem solving skills will enrich a child’s academic and personal life, the younger the child starts the better.

Math Olympiad I-IV (9-10 and 11-14)

Succeed in Math Olympiads and boost math grades with our Math Olympiad classes! Math Olympiad offers students the chance to shine in challenging competitions that demand excellent reasoning and creativity. Featuring problems from previous competitions, our ongoing Math Olympiads Series is designed to help students strengthen math intuition and master major strategies in creative problem solving, skills equally useful in math contests and everyday math use. Topics covered at these age levels may include:

  • sequences
  • series
  • principles of divisibility
  • geometric configurations
  • logic

Math Olympiad Contest

November 2019 – March 2020

Prove your math skills by entering the Math Olympiad Contest with us! These difficult math problems will challenge you to think critically and efficiently. The Math Olympiad Contest consists of 5 tests that are administered once per month. Each test is timed: 30 minutes to answer 5 questions. *Your school must not offer the Math Olympiad Contest to be eligible to take it with us.

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American Math Competition 8 Classes (Ages 11-14)

American Math Competition 8 (AMC 8)

Join AMC 8 and enhance math grades! AMC 8 courses introduce students to a challenging array of competition level math problems, helping students to excel in math. Our ongoing series explores a new math topic and/or problem solving strategy each week and expands critical reasoning skills.

Topics can include:

  • logic and set theory
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • number theory
  • probability and statistics
  • recreational mathematics
  • factors and multiples
  • principles of divisibility
  • geometric configurations
  • logic

With a max of 12 students, these classes provide in-depth instruction and continuous feedback from experienced instructors. The AMC 8 Contest is not included with the class or camp.